Afraid to Get Dental Implants? 4 Reasons to Put Your Fears to Rest

April 10, 2024

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Anyone can experience fear or anxiety when facing a seemingly huge task. Maybe you feel afraid of replacing your missing teeth with dental implants because you think it will be painful or facing the dentist after your tooth loss. Although your feelings are perfectly valid, don’t let your fear keep you from achieving a smile you can be proud of. In fact, here are four reasons you shouldn’t be afraid to get dental implants.

Reason #1: Missing Teeth Is Extremely Common.

If your anxiety about dental implants stems from your embarrassment about having lost teeth, you can put your fear of being judged aside. It is estimated that 120 million American adults have lost at least one tooth, and about 36 million have no natural teeth left at all. Your dentist will not judge you and your current smile. They want to restore your confidence and function by helping you with dental implants.

Reason #2: A Skilled Oral Surgeon Performs Dental Implant Placement.

Although some general dentists place dental implants on their own, others prefer to partner with oral surgeons who specialize in dental implant placement. These experts not only undergo more training but also exclusively perform surgical procedures, which means you’ll receive top-notch care. In other words, you can rest assured knowing that your smile is in capable, experienced hands at every stage of the implant process.

Reason #3: Discomfort Is Temporary; Your Smile Could Last Forever.

The truth is that the dental implant process does involve some discomfort, even with the best experts. After placement surgery, you will have at least a couple of days where you’ll likely need to take over-the-counter pain medication and have a soft food diet to allow the site to heal. However, in the grand scheme, this period of unpleasantness is brief compared to the potential lifespan of your implants. Within months, you should be ready for restoration, giving you a strong, whole, and confident smile again. Just keep your goal in mind!

Reason #4: The Benefits Are Worthwhile.

Beforehand, the dental implant process may seem intimidating or complex, but just think of when you finally are able to use your dental implants just like normal teeth and reap the rewards of your sacrifice. Being free to eat basically whatever you want, not worrying about slippage, looking natural, keeping your youthful facial shape—these benefits are well worth the time, effort, and investment you put in to achieve your complete smile with dental implants.

It’s okay to be afraid of the unknown or of starting something new, but in the case of dental implants, you can build up your courage with these reasons in mind and face your fears so that you can enjoy a fully restored smile.

About the Author

Dr. Julia Karpman owns and operates Dental Essentials of Rocky Hill. Following graduation from dental school, she completed a one-year residency at Danbury Hospital where she underwent training in periodontics, prosthodontics, and implant dentistry. To ensure the best care for her patients, she refers patients to experienced oral surgeons for the placement procedure for dental implants. If you are interested in learning more about these tooth replacements, contact the office online or call 860-563-3766.

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