TMJ Treatment Rocky Hill

Say Goodbye to Constant Pain

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) facilitates the movements necessary to speak and chew, but excessive strain or a sudden injury can cause it to become constantly sore and less functional. TMJ disorders are usually very painful and can become downright debilitating when ignored. Are you tired of living with a jaw that is always aching or in pain? Now may be the time to call Dental Essentials of Rocky Hill and ask about options for TMJ treatment in Rocky Hill, CT.

Why Choose Dental Essentials of Rocky Hill for TMJ Treatment?

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TMJ Diagnosis & Treatment

Dentist holding model of skull and pointing to the jaw joints

A TMJ disorder might occur if the disk of one of the joints moves out of its proper alignment due to an injury. Other risk factors include arthritis, long-term grinding and clenching of teeth, and specific connective tissue diseases. It can be difficult to narrow down a cause sometimes, but at the very least, we can determine the underlying source of your disorder so that we can decide on an appropriate treatment plan. We may also recommend jaw stretches and other things you can do at home to relieve some of the pain and tension.

Occlusal Splints

Dentist holding an occlusal splint tray for T M J treatment

An occlusal splint is a custom-made mouthguard that performs two important functions to help you find relief from your TMJ disorder. First, it holds the jaw in a new, more comfortable position so that the joints and nearby muscles have a chance to relax when your mouth is at rest. Second, it stops the teeth from making direct contact with each other, thus preventing the damage caused by clenching and grinding. Occlusal splints are normally worn just when you go to bed.