Why Teeth Whitening and Cavities Are a Dangerous Combination

December 4, 2023

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In the year 2020, a staggering 37 million Americans employed tooth whiteners to enhance their smiles. While these products prove beneficial in eliminating teeth stains and imparting a healthy radiance to your smile, their incorrect use can lead to more harm than good. Understanding the potential risks to your teeth and the significance of consulting with your dentist before proceeding is crucial in ensuring the proper use of teeth whitening products.

How Whitening Products Can Harm Your Teeth

The primary component in the bleach found in numerous whitening products is predominantly hydrogen peroxide. If you have cavities, the penetration of hydrogen peroxide into existing decay and the inner parts of the tooth can exacerbate the condition, potentially causing permanent damage. Additionally, decayed teeth are prone to heightened sensitivity levels under such circumstances.

Why You Should See a Dentist Before Whitening Your Teeth

Regardless of your diligence in maintaining an oral health routine, it is advisable to consult your dentist before proceeding with any at-home treatments. A dental exam from your dentist can identify and address potential problem areas, helping to prevent complications.

Moreover, contemplate opting for professional whitening products rather than those available at grocery or drug stores. These professional-grade products are more potent, dependable, and deliver longer-lasting results. When you visit your dentist next, inquire about the whitening treatments they offer and determine which one is the optimal choice for enhancing your smile.

Types of Teeth Whitening

While professional whitening products are advisable for achieving a more attractive smile, alternative popular methods of teeth bleaching encompass:

  • Strips – Whitening strips, composed of a thin, flexible plastic known as polyethylene, contain peroxide or bleach. Applied directly to your teeth, these strips work gradually over time to remove stains.
  • Trays – Bleaching trays available over the counter are typically crafted from a pliable material that conforms to the shape of your teeth. These trays are filled with a peroxide-based whitening agent and worn for the designated duration to effectively lift stains from your teeth.
  • Toothpaste – Whitening toothpastes eliminate surface stains and employ abrasives like charcoal or baking soda for tooth polishing. While effective, they have the potential to erode tooth enamel, emphasizing the need for moderation in their usage.

Securing your dentist’s approval before embarking on a teeth whitening treatment is crucial to steer clear of complications and maintain the optimal health of your teeth. This ensures you’re on the path to achieving the brighter, more beautiful smile you’ve always envisioned!

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